Dual mobility cups for preventing early hip arthroplasty



Postoperative instability remains the most common reason for revision of a total hip arthroplasty (THA). Dual-mobility cups have been shown to decrease the rate of dislocation in primary THA and have been used to treat and prevent instability in revision THA. Greater range of motion and a greater head-to-neck… 2012-12-18 Trinity Dual Mobility is designed to reduce dislocation risk. It provides increased effective head size and jump height *1 through a specifically designed liner with an extended lip that can be positioned to target at-risk regions, and a mobile ECiMa ™ insert which accommodates the modular head. concept of dual mobility has to be kept improving, it is the reason why a global strategy of optimization has been decided by SERF, the company created by André Rambert, the purpose of this strategy is to improve the dual mobility cup longevity. This report explains the different aspects of my work which was part of that optimization approach.

Dual mobility cup

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BioBall ® MaxiMotion™ Cup. Modulare Hüftpfanne nach dem Dual-Mobility-Konzept. Das bewährte BioBall ® Adapter System kann dank der BioBall ® MaxiMotion™ Cup mit den Vorteilen des Dual-Mobility-Konzepts (nach Prof. Bousquet) kombiniert werden. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators Dual mobility THA provides better patient satisfaction than their standard large head alternatives specifically among elderly patients, socially unsupported individuals, farmers, heavy manual workers, and those with high levels of expectations.

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Rek. pris NITHO Laddare för Handkontroll PS4 Dual. Rek. pris SONY Eye Cup DVF-350 CBK-VF 01, 02. Wall Rack Suction Cup 6 Hooks Super Power Vacuum Sucker Stand Hook Tegara CAT40 5/8 in 3-1/2 in Taper Dual Contact End Mill Tool Holder 2pcs Applicable Handlebar Diameter: Approx, it is excellent mobility and can carry to  (3) Cups the use of which is sliared by a number of workers should be forbidden.

Dual mobility cup

Sebastian Mukka - Umeå universitet

The zirconium dual mobility converter is very intriguing to me, not because the low wear characteristic of the oxide layer of the zirconium, but because of the immunity to CoCr taper fretting and corrosion at the taper junction (inside the cup). Wear of dual-mobility cups: a review article Anna Di Laura1,2 & Harry Hothi1,2 & Clement Battisti1,2 & Arianna Cerquiglini1,2 & Johann Henckel1,2 & John Skinner1,2 & Alister Hart1,2 Received: 6 July 2016/Accepted: 17 October 2016/Published online: 9 December 2016 # The Author(s) 2016.

The United States customary cup holds 8 fluid ounces. Since 1/3 or .33 of 8 ounces is 2.64 ounces, 2/3 U.S. fluid cups Half of two-thirds of a cup is approximately 2.68 ounces or one-third of a cup. This assumes that you are taking two-thirds of a standard 8-ounce cup and calculating half of that amount. If you double 3/4 of a cup, you'll get 6/4 cups, which can be simplified as 3/2 cups or 1 1/2 cups.
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Dual-mobility cups have been shown to decrease the rate of dislocation in primary THA and have been used to treat and prevent instability in revision THA. Liberty ATF Dual Mobility System The dual articulation acetabular system consists of an acetabular shell and a polyethylene liner that freely rotates into the shell and positively captures the prosthetic head. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators Hailer, NP Weiss, RJ Stark, A Kärrholm, J Dual-mobility cups for revision due to instability are associated with a low rate of re-revisions due to dislocation: 228 patients from the Swedish Hip Arthroplasty Register. With the increased use of dual-mobility cups (DMCs) in total-and revision hip arthroplasties, surgeons can expect an increase of known and new complications. During routine follow-up, we observed an asymptomatic patient with an intraprosthetic-dislocation (IPD) and elevated levels of serum metal ions (1.8 ppb of cobalt and 28.0 ppb of chromium). Dual Mobility Cup may help lower the risk of dislocation after THR. The dislocation rate of hip prostheses in dogs is reported to range from 4-15%, representing the most common short-term complication and source of frustration for the owner and the surgeon.

SERF has long been a healthcare innovator in dual-mobility technology. The SERF DUAL MOBILITY CUP invented by Prof. Gilles Bousquet in 1975 is designed to significantly reduce the risk of dislocation in patients at high risk - Including those with a history of dislocation, revision surgery and major tumour resection.* Total Hip Arthroplasty (THA) is one of the most successful procedures in orthopedic surgery.
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This move comes as a result of an agreement between DePuy Ireland Unlimited Company (based in Ringaskiddy) and Société d’Etude, de Recherche et de Fabrication (SERF), based in Décines-Charpieu Dual mobility cups have two points of articulation, one between the shell and the polyethylene (external bearing) and one between the polyethylene and the femoral head (internal bearing). Movement occurs at the inner bearing; the outer bearing only moves at extremes of movement. based on this concept, the idea of a dual-mobility cup (DMC) was born [7]. The scope of this concept was to de-crease the dislocation rate of a new cup by associating two articulatingsurfaces:one large(outersurfaceinsideametallic cup), and one smaller (inner surface, between femoral head andinsertretentiverim)bothcouplingmetalandpolyethylene.

Sofia Norell - International Coordinator - KTH Royal Institute of

The BI-MENTUM™ Dual Mobility system is for patients with fracture neck of the femur (FNOF) and for revision hip surgery. Contact Your Rep. Instructions for Use. Dual-mobility cups were designed to reduce risk of dislocation during full ROM. Dislocation is the leading cause of revision after total hip arthroplasty (THA). The dual-mobility technology was developed, featuring a mobile polyethylene liner locked onto a femoral head and articulating in a metallic acetabular shell.

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions is capable of contributing to advances in these intelligent markets based on a comprehensive  The shell integrated dual pivot hinge gear system follows the natural Upper extended frame for increased thigh protection without compromising mobility. Patella cup constructed from energy absorbing viscoelastic PU foam knee cup that is  World Cup DH#4, Val di Sole: This is a beast of the track. It's among the hardest and most t.